Studio 44 Mauritius Craft Academy

Craft Classes start on Wednesday the 1st February 2017.
I propose to start with and introduction to crafts :
I will be doing the teaching and sharing my own way.
I would like each participant to really partake in the manufacturing (whenever possible) of what is required for the projects.
I will start with a mosaic project using pieces of mosaic created by each student. As we progress I will show you how to introduce new materials.
I want to give each one the opportunity to share and give reign to their creativity and imagination. It is very stimulating to work in a class of a few as ideas will flow and it is amazing what you will be able to achieve.
I am open to any suggestions, as the whole idea is to innovate with the materials that are available.
As we go along I will give you the opportunity to venture into the following crafts:
Pewter : as a decorative medium.
Glass slumping : create your own dish etc.
Clock making.
Leaded work : create your own lampshade or candle holder etc.
Polymer clay : create your own bracelet etc
Art clay silver : I am a qualified instructor and will be happy to share. The raw material is expensive, but the finished product is worth the effort.
I am hoping that my love for art and craft will be felt and help you create.
I am a great dreamer and believe that nothing is impossible.
Looking forward to welcoming you to my classes.
Proposed days and time for the classes :
1: Mondays: starting at 9h30 to 12h00.
2: Wednesdays: starting at 9h30 to 12h00 or Afternoon 12h30 to 3h00 pm.
3: Fridays: Starting at 9h30 to 12h00
4: Saturdays: Mornings only (this will depend upon the demand)
Please book your Classes on the day that suits you as soon as possible.
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