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Barbara Desvaux de Marigny











Hello, my name is Barbara and I am a lamp worker (flame worker).
My passion is handcrafting glass beads using top quality rods from Murano, Italy. These are heated in a torch (which uses propane and oxygen). The melted glass is dropped onto a steel rod which has been treated with a releasing agent to enable the bead to be removed after annealing in the kiln overnight. Murano glass is known throughout for world for its purity, quality and brilliant colours.
The secret formula has been handed down from generation to generation. This high quality glass enables me to produce a bead of unparalleled quality and colour. Once I have formed my basic bead, I have many options for decorating it, such as frit (crushed glass in different colours); fine sheets of pure silver; Murrini (flower) slices; shimmering dichroic glass strips; aventurine gold rods and a selection of stringers which I make for each set of beads. I add different colours of glass to a basic rod and this is heated to a molten ball and then pulled out straight or twisted in order to achieve different effects. Special glass rods which give an oil slick effect with lovely colours are fun to work with. I cool the bead in a special blanket to prevent cracking whilst it cools.
The daily production goes into the kiln overnight for annealing which removes any stress which may have built up in the glass, resulting in a bead which will last a lifetime. After annealing the hole in the bead is cleaned to remove any traces of the white releasing powder; thoroughly washed and checked for quality and only then can they be used in our jewellery, etc. My jewellery does not contain any nickel findings. I use nickel free and silver-plated findings.
On the rare occasion when I have the time, I love to make special pieces combining silver wire work and beads.
My love of art and crafts started as a child and grew as I matured. From fine arts I went on to painted glass and then stained glass. On a holiday in South Africa I took a course in lampworking and from that moment on I was totally enthralled by this craft. I had to wait 7 years to retire from the corporate world and be able to fulfil my dream of lampworking full time. It is my passion and when I am in front of my torch my mind is at peace and I am totally in the moment. I love to innovate and create different pieces of jewellery using my beads and I hope that you will enjoy the range we offer on our website.
 Thank you for your interest in lampworking and your visit to our site.

Jean Claude Desvaux de Marigny












Hello, my name is Jean Claude. I am an artist who has worked in many different mediums over the years. As a boy I loved to draw and paint and over the years I studied fine arts and worked in charcoal, crayon, pastels, acrylic and oils. However, on a visit to an exhibition in France I saw beautiful stained glass work and the desire to learn this stayed with me for many years.
On a subsequent visit to Australia my wife Barbara and I had the opportunity to take a course and for many years we enjoyed creating lamps, panels, windows, etc. Once we moved to Mauritius in 2003, it was difficult to carry the range of colours necessary for stained glass and I decided to move onto fused and slumped glass which enables me to use clear glass and specially manufactured paints which are melted into the glass when I fire the pieces in the kiln.
This gives me a large range of colour options and I love innovating with shapes and colours in freeform work where I mold cloth to a shape and fire the glass on it. From time to time I still enjoy going down to the beach and painting for relaxation. 
I also enjoy working in chain maille, pewter and silver art clay.
Soon, I will be adding another range to the website which is very exciting – a new medium for me.